Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another Credit Card and Limit Raised On The First

Junk mail is irritating but once in a while I get an offer that I can use. This one was an ok offer, $200 in fees of course but what can you expect? I look at it as buying my credibility back. I pay them $200 and in turn I get a $400 credit card that I can use to build my credit. So this time I got me a MasterCard with $400 credit limit.

I also called my first card's bank and asked to raise the limit since it's been over 6 months from when I got it. They reised it another $100 but for a fee. It cost me $10.

Slowly it's growing.

Monday, June 30, 2008

My credit must be getting better

In May I wanted to see if I could get another credit card to expand my credit growth. I applied for a Circuit City Credit card. At first, when I applied online, they told me that they can't approve it now but they will contact me for some confirmations, blah blah blah. I thought, "what ever, they're not going to give it to me". Two days later I get a call from Circuit City credit department, they confirmed my address and my business name and told me I now have been accepted and gave me $1000 credit with Circuit City.

Awesome!! So now I have $1300 available credit that I can work with. The plan is just as it was before, have about 1/3 of the credit used and make payments on it. This should get my credit score up.

Change of Plans

I ended up moving to a different job before it hit May and moving back to Spokane. The new job didn't work out and I decided to try my hand at self employment again. This time I am going to try web design and internet marketing. I actually have a few clients and all the stuff I need to get this business off the ground. I built a website for the internet marketing business and did some marketing. So far it seems I have enough business to last for a few months. I also started a supplemental blog that logs my web design ideas.

Now if I want to buy a house I'll probably have to wait 2 years before they'll give me a mortgage loan, being self employed. We'll see how it all plays out.