Thursday, August 2, 2007

It's Official, All Debt Has Been Discharged! - Part 6

Finally, yesterday, I got the letter from the bankruptcy Court confirming the discharge of all my debt. My lawyer attached a note to the letter where she tells me to keep this letter with the petition papers for the next 10 years.

I guess this is going to be my fresh start. Well, actually it's not that fresh, smells like crappy credit to me, but at least the debt is gone. Ok, it's not "at least" I am overwelmingly grateful for this country and the laws it has. For allowing me to reach for my dream and allowing me to make mistakes and learn through them. Thank you my USA!

So what's next?

In about a month or two I will get my credit report for all 3 credit agencies. I will need to check to make sure that all the credit companies have updated my credit report with the bankruptcy. Will need to make sure that all the acounts are closed.

The credit companies that have not updated my credit history will need to be contacted and begged, bribed and nagged until they do.

Once that is all done and my credit is squeeky clean (with one ginormous exception; bankruptcy) I can start rebuilding my credit. I can't wait untill then. For some reason I've been having this urge to become a homeowner. I can't wait till I can buy a home. I can almost taste it.

Anyway, I will update once I check my credit in a few months. Thanks for reading. Leave some feedback for me, I want to know if anyone's reading this.

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