Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Get The Ball Rolling - Part 4

The Yellow-Pages Directory is filed with bankruptcy attorneys. I called a few, about 8 and got their rates. Here in Spokane, the attorney fee for Chapter 7 is $450 and the court filing fee is $299.

In March I got the tax return and hired my self an attorney. Wow, the collections calls stopped. Sometimes I just let it ring. I forgot that I had to answer it when it rang.

The Consultation

At the consultation with the attorney, she asked me a bunch of questions. I had to bring all the financial records (tax returns and pay stubs). It all seemed to be so rehearsed and simple. The attorney has done this so many times before, plus the software she uses is so automated that it’s all just a matter of answering questions. Reminds me of doing taxes at H&R Block. You just sit there while the machine does the counting. When it’s done it spits you out a receipt and you’re on your way. Same here, the consultation lasted about 20 to 30 minutes. I was given a check list of things to bring (most recent pay stubs and bills) by a due date.

After all the necessary papers were submitted to the attorney I had to wait for the filing date which came quick, March 24th. This attorney really knew what she was doing. She told me it could take up to a few months to file but here we were, not even a month. A few weeks later I received the notification from the bankruptcy court that informed me of the creditors meeting date of May 8th 2007. More waiting.

To be continued…

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