Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The "Bondo" Hit The Fan - Part 2

The shop didn't have the necessary equipment to really go big time so I had to make what I had work. My days were filled with work, even staying late some evenings. I noticed that because of the fumes in the shop my nasal passages started to enflame in the evenings and last all through the night. I was having trouble breathing at nights and sometimes woke up trying to catch my breath.

By this time the credit card bills are rolling in, in total of about $800 to $900 per month. My business was hardly making a profit at this point. I had to figure something out. I need to do more marketing so Mondays became my marketing days. I gained a couple of used car dealers that I did work for and a month later I started seeing some profit. Everything seemed like it was falling in place except my breathing was getting worse and worse.

In September of 2006 I actually made about $3000 profit, the business is growing. My health on the other hand was getting worse. I had to make a decision, September became the last month of me being self employed.

My credit debt by this time was $26,000 and growing. The over the limit fees were racking up and my monthly bills now were about $1100 per month. So far I have not missed one payment and have never been late with one.

Getting a job was my only choice now, and again, I had the two choices, computers or cars. I went with a computer field this time and got me a job. It paid enough for my family to live month to month, paycheck to paycheck. There was not enough money to pay the credit card bills. This is when I decided that I had no choice but to file bankruptcy.

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